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How accurate are the macros in my meals?

At My Fit Foods we weigh your food using scales, sometimes there may be a slight 5% variance over/under due to extra sauce/seasoning or vegetables. Please get in touch with the team if you wish to discuss your macros.

How long do my meals last?

72 Hours after production when refrigerated, please ensure your fridge is set to the appropriate temperature.

Do my meals arrive fresh or frozen?

Your meals always arrive fresh!

Who cooks my meals?

Our Fit Foods team is fully qualified and we are proud to boast that we operate out of a 5-star kitchen.

Do you cater for medical conditions (ibs, allergies, intolerances)?

With guidance from the customer we will do our very best to adapt the meals accordingly.

Can i freeze my meals?

You can freeze your meals; however, we recommend a maximum time of 6 weeks.

How long will delivery take?

Please select below and see our delivery FAQs section.

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